Identity and Repression in Eastern Asia

Identity-Based Reasons for the Treatment of Minorities in China and Japan 1. Introduction Today, most States in the world are considered, by themselves and by others, to be multi-ethnic and multi-racial, as they contain an amalgamation of many different cultures that all form part of the State identity. Culture is not a static element, but … More Identity and Repression in Eastern Asia

Social Movements: Defense, Offense, and Preparation

A Comparative Perspective on Theoretical Approaches to Social Mobilization Episodes of rebellion have been a frequent occurrence throughout human history, but repression was generally effectively used to impede such forms of popular expression until the late eighteenth century. In the late 1700s, against a background of political and economic change, the modern social movement emerged. … More Social Movements: Defense, Offense, and Preparation

Why Doesn’t Pakistan Recognize Armenia?

There is no specific legislation that lays down rules concerning the creation of states, which makes it difficult to pinpoint when exactly a state can be considered as such according to international law. Traditionally, an entity has had to satisfy the four criteria established in Article 1(1) of the Montevideo Convention (23rd December 1933) to … More Why Doesn’t Pakistan Recognize Armenia?

Japan: from Mimetic Imperialism to Self-Proclaimed Victim

We’ve recently been working with this article at university, and with the recent change in the Chinese constitution I thought it might be interesting to delve a bit into the situation in the region, so enjoy this summary/article review! -B Based on: KOLMAS, M. (2017): “Senkaku/Diaoyu Island Dispute and the Reconstruction of China as Japan’s … More Japan: from Mimetic Imperialism to Self-Proclaimed Victim

What Europe is Not

With all the crises affecting the European Union lately, I thought I’d do a series of posts on Europe and its current situation. This first one is on the difficulty of defining the concept of Europe, which is in itself an essential concept to face all the issues that are taking place today. Hope you … More What Europe is Not

Images of Cambodia

Hey everyone: Today I have for you a more serious post. This is an essay I wrote for uni on a topic that I honestly found fascinating, and therefore decided to share it with you. I find the idea that the core of a culture can come from outside a culture itself extremely intriguing, but … More Images of Cambodia