Meeting, Greetings and an Explanation

June 21, 2018

EDIT: as you may have noticed, this blog has taken a turn for the political. I have returned from my year abroad but still enjoy writing the occasional political or cultural analysis, travel posts and short stories. However, although the blog has taken a different direction, I decided not to alter this post for authenticity’s sake, and because I like being able to appreciate the evolution in the posts that mirrors the evolution in myself.




November 22, 2015

Hi, nice to meet you.

Welcome to this little corner of my world. I must warn you that I will not be posting regularly at first. At least not until next September, when I leave. ‘Leave where?’ you might ask. ‘Home’, I’ll answer. If you want more details, you’ll just have to read on. Until then, I will post when I feel inspired, or simply when I need it.

My name is Blanca. I am 18 as of August 2015 and started my first year at uni in September 2015, where I’m doing a double major in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting. I live in Spain (for now). I love reading (Lunar Chronicles, harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Shadowhunters, The Night Circus…), TV shows (Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Big Bang Theory, Outlander…) and writing. I love DIYing stuff too, mainly because I’m obsessed with posters and wall decorations but can never find exactly the ones I like, so I end up making them myself, which means that my walls are full of handmade posters and lyricarts, aside from my corkboard and my postcard collection of all the places I’ve been – yep, I’m a travel junkie. Also kind of a foodie, but that’s another story. I also really like making gifts instead of buying them. I’m really into PTX at the moment, but my musical obsessions tend to shift around depending on my mood and that kind of stuff.

A few days ago, I read a friend’s blog. This person, who came all the way to my uni from Texas to study for a few months, has so many things to tell, so many thoughts going on in his head, and they’re all written down on that small corner of the internet. It’s incredible. And inspiring. Which leads me to this blog. Next year, I’ll be the one studying abroad. The purpose of this blog is to keep track of all my thoughts until then and, when I do leave, to record and share all my experiences. There will also be some short stories, quotes, pictures, and just little pieces of my life in general.

You’re probably thinking ‘wow, how original’. Don’t think I can’t feel the sarcasm. Yes, this has been done countless times, and yes, I just went to tumblr to find the perfect pictures for this blog, but that’s just a starting point. I hope that the blog will evolve and change as I do, and hopefully some of you will travel along this road with me.

I want this point in my journey, right now when so many big things are in my future, to be a turning point in the story. And only I can make it that way. So read on if you want to know how I’m trying to get that done.

It’s lovely to meet you,



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