Advent 2015: December 18th

When do you open gifts?

There are two days in which I receive and open gifts during Christmas:

  1. 24th December: On Christmas Eve, my family and I all get together and have a huge  dinner, after which, while we’re eating Christmas sweets and drinking coffee, the doorbell will ring, and the youngest member in the family is sent to open the door, only to find a big box of gifts with a name on each of them, and a note from Santa. The kids in the family will then proceed to give out the gifts, which are opened and passed around.
  2. 6th January: As Spanish tradition dictates, this is the day the Three Wise Men come. The night before, on the 5th of January, most Spanish cities and towns, including the one I live in, will host a parade that takes the three kings to the town hall, where they meet the mayor and give a short speech. This video shows the parade held last January in the city center:

After that, we all go home, shine our shoes and leave them, in my case, in the living room, because tradition dictates that gifts are not left under the tree or in stockings, but in and around our shoes. On the morning of the 6th, we’ll usually get up at about 9 am, open presents, and then have ‘roscon de reyes’ for breakfast (see picture below).



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