A Dress for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I was halfway through Christmas eve dinner yesterday when an idea for another short story popped into my head. I wrote most of it down, so here it is, in the form of a Christmas special. It’s not finished, however, this  is a rough draft. If you like it, I might upload the finished version sometime. Enjoy!


His POV – Christmas Eve   

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. At the mall, however, it was hard to find anything that wasn’t stirring, or being stirred, for that matter. Last minute buyers pushed and pulled and jostled, turning everything upside down in their quest for gifts, as the Christmas clock ticked down to zero.

He stood among the buyers, looking lost, with millions of gift ideas zooming around the inside of his skull, crashing into each other and making a mess. He’d bought presents for his parents, for his sister, for his two best mates and even for his twin nephews. All that was left was the present for her. And then he saw it.

The dress was a deep blue color with small white dots all over it. The bodice and the off-shoulder neckline were made out of a satiny material, as was the knee-length, slightly-pleated skirt, over which a floor-length layer of see through chiffon was draped. A dark blue sash, pinned into place on the right side with a white and gold brooch in the shape of a star held everything in together.

Her POV – Christmas Day, evening

She ran her hand over the soft fabric. When he’d stopped by to give her the dress that morning, he hadn’t said what it was for, just to put it on and be ready at seven that afternoon. She’d done so, and coaxed her layered, brownish-blond hair into soft waves, which she then partially pinned up so that they framed her face. Her blue eyes stood out thanks to black mascara and eyeliner, with the slightest hint of silver glitter on her eyelids. Her lips were a deep, deep red. The dress hid her simple shoes from view, and the only accessory she’d chosen to wear was a thin chain made out of white gold with a small cubic zirconia that rested just underneath her collarbones.

The doorbell rang throughout the apartment and she hurried to the door.

His POV – Christmas Day, evening

The door opened and there she was. He’d known the dress was beautiful, imagining how it would fall about her as if it were a cluster of falling stars, but now he could see that the wearer was even more so. His own suit, complete with a tie in the same blue as her dress, couldn’t compare.

Without saying a word, he held out his arm, and she took it. Together they got into the car and sped off. As the downtown Christmas lights drew nearer, the dark apartment receded into the distance, and the Santa-shaped lights on her balcony seemed to exclaim, as they drove out of sight, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

PS: here’s the hairstyle and the dress I imagine her having, except for the dress neckline, which is off the shoulders. However, feel free to imagine your own!


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