Trucking Delicious

Every country in the world has its own set of unique ingredients that result in their own special cuisine. This gastronomical aspect of travelling is very appealing to many, myself included. It is therefore not a surprise that people have figured out the profit behind bringing exotic cusine to other cities, often in the shape of food trucks.

An amalgamation of economic and technological factors combined with street food being “hip” or “chic”, has lead to the resurgence of the food truck craze, which began over seventy years ago. They stemmed from chuck wagons, which followed trail-driving cowpokes in the Wild West, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to hungry men across the plains, and from pushcarts that lacked the ability to heat or cook food but served simple lunches of meat pies, fruits and sandwiches to urban dwellers in larger cities like New York and Chicago. Modern food trucks are similar to pushcarts in purpose, but take after chuck wagons in design.

Although some might feel uneasy about eating at a truck, they are generally safe, as food trucks are required to follow strict guidelines and they are inspected as often as restaurants.


There was recently a food truck gathering in the town where I live, and naturally I decided I had to go. So I went with my friends but ended up not buying anything because they didn’t want the kind of food the trucks sold, or wanted bigger portions.They’re not really keen on trying new things, but even though they frustrate me sometimes, I love them all the same, and I manage, which is what I did in this instance as well. We ate someplace else, and I had dinner with my sister at the food truck fair the following night. The sandwich I had, which was saltimbocca bread with chicken, curry, spicy hummus, lamb’s lettuce and sriracha (picture on the right) was absolutely delicious.

This just goes to prove that trying new things, even tiny experiences like buying a sandwich from a food truck instead of eating at the same place as always, can be very rewarding. Even though we tend to default to the familiar and confortable, many of us have a bucket list hidden somewhere that will often include things such as visiting a new place or doing some exciting acivity we’ve never done before. And seizing the opportunity to try new things is always enhanced by sharing these experiences with others: A study published in the journal Psychological Science found that those who engaged in a positive activity with a friend experienced more amplified enjoyment from the event.

The world can be divided into people who go to a favorite restaurant and order the same dish each visit and those who listen to the waiter recite the chef’s nightly specials and then actually try one of them. The second group includes those who consider change and are aware that, even though it is hard, it is important to accept a wide range of people, traditions an experiences in our hearts and lifes.

It’s time to take a leaf out of their book and stop putting off climbing that mountain, seeing that national treasure or learning a new language. And remember that, if you don’t like something new you just tried, you can always go back to what you used to do and avoid a whole lot of what ifs.



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