Sherlock’s secrets

I really don’t know how, in over two months of blogging, I still haven’t done any Sherlock-related posts. I really don’t. But, fortunately, a fellow fangirl I know helped me realize this when she told me she was doing a project on Sherlock for class. I sat through her exposition and really enjoyed the fun facts section, so I wrote some of them down and looked up a few more to bring you a short collection of things that happen behind the doors of 221B, Baker Street. Enjoy!

  1. Speedy’s Cafe: the sandwich emporium frequented by Holmes and Watson in the series, is a real café on Gower Street, near Euston – the BBC’s stand-in for 221b Baker Street. They now sell specially created Sherlock-themed snacks, specifically the Sherlock wrap (chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, peppers, red onion, cucumber, chilli sauce – all “wrapped up as tightly as Sherlock’s personality”) or the Watson Wrap (roasted vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, spring onion, Brie, sour cream – “safe, warm, and comforting, like his personality”). A Moriarty sub is reportedly in the works. I’ll definitely go there sometime after summer, so expect a post on it soon!deepfocus-speedys-front-620
  2. Sherlock the gay icon: Apparently, in China, Sherlock has been adopted as a gay icon. There are vast quantities of literature dedicated to his and Watson’s romantic exploits, as well as unending videos of Curly Fu and Peanut (their Chinese nicknames) exchanging longing looks with sultry background music. The east-asian country’s obsession with the show has been proven many times as well, especially when David Cameron visited them and, among all the questions they could have asked him, they decided to request him to “Please urge Sherlock crew to be quick! They have had us waiting for two years for every season!”sherlock-season-3-youku-exclusive-simultaneous-broadcast
  3. Sherlock rocks the charts: China isn’t the only asian country that loves Sherlock. He has inspired many Japanese comic books, in which Cumberbatch’s gamine features have made more than a few appearances. In Sputh Korea, he has inspired songs by many well-known k-pop grus, especially SHINee. Not only is the song’s name Sherlock, but the official music video is full of Holmesian references – see for yourself!
  4. What’s up with the fonts?: The lettering used for Sherlock’s on-screen graphics doesn’t just change at random, but rather is different on various occasions. The most recurrent fonts are AF Generation Z, which is used for text messages, and P22 Johnston Underground, used to show Sherlock’s deduction process, as well as for the series title.mary_morstan_deductions
  5. The Doctor as Doctor Watson: A week before landing the part of Doctor Who, Matt Smith auditioned to play John Watson. He didn’t get it because they needed Watson to be grounded, as opposed to Sherlocks aloofness. Moffat said that Smith was “too barmy”, and that one Sherlock was enough.enhanced-18024-1436576834-1
  6. Una Stubbs Mothers Cumberbatch on set: She does have a good reason for it though. Stubbs is an acting contemporary of Cumberbatch’s mother Wanda Ventham (who made a surprise appearance in The Empty Hearse as Sherlock’s mother), and used to live around the corner from her when Cumberbatch was a child. She would often gossip for hours with Cumberbatch’s mother, resulting in an often bored four-year-old Benedict.sherlock_s_una_stubbs__benedict_cumberbatch_is__gorgeous_
  7. There was no 221B Baker Street: In Holmes’ time, Baker Street was short, barely over a quarter of a mile, and house numbers only got up to No. 85. In 1930, the entire thoroughfare was renamed Baker Street, and the houses renumbered. A Georgian house, No. 41 Upper Baker Street, was redesignated 221 Baker Street but was demolished the same year.24386f64f17ccb0615b1170e4803a62d-c1893fb0b9e3fc45a7664e3fa7a9581a
  8. Sherlock à la Mode: It’s well known that Sherlock’s gloriously flowing coat is a discontinued £1350 Belstaff ‘Milford’ that the makers brought back into production for a short time, but have discontinued once more. Less well known is that Watson’s shooting jacket is a £725 Haversack coat from Liberty. Sadly, it too is no longer available. s-l1000
  9. High IQ: John Radford has written a book called The Intelligence of Sherlock Holmes and other Three-pipe Problems, where he applied three different methods to guess Sherlock Holmes’ IQ. His conclusion is that Holmes’ IQ is 190. High, right? Now take into account the fact that the average person’s IQ is around 100-110, and Einstein’s was around 160. tumblr_ndn8896uxf1sxnbwko1_1280
  10. And now, a bunch of random Sherlock gifs:



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