Year Abroad Update


Remember way back when I started up this blog? I told you guys that I would be using it to record my experiences on my year abroad. I didn’t have any new info on that though, so I digressed. But now we come back to that theme.

I’m excited. It’s official. I’ll be studying in London next year! At SOAS University of London. I have to start doing all the paperwork now! I can tell It’s going to be a lot, but definitely not as much as my friends going to the US or to Australia are going to have to do. And my brain doesn’t really care about that at the moment any way. it’s reeling with all the new possibilities, with all the things I can do next year! I’ve been saving up and I want to look for a job there because I want to explore the British Isles as thoroughly as I can, so any recommendations will be appreciated. I’ve already decided to go to Cardiff, Edinburgh and Brighton, and I’ve already seen Bath, Cambridge and Stonehenge. I can tell I’ll be busy either way.

What places do you recomend going to see in London? Not just the tourist traps though, I’ve been to those already. The cool places natives know are the ones I’m interested in.

Here’s a few pictures of SOAS. I know you probably don’t feel the need to google it, but hey, internet stalking the place where you’ll be studying is part of the experience!

To celebrate, next post will be British-themed, but with a twist! And not about my boring life, I promise.

See you there,



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