The ABCs

Yes, yes, I know you all know your ABCs, but these are different. This time, ABC stands for Amazing British Cheekbones. At a risk of sounding extremely fangirly (which wouldn’t be a bad thing, really, It’s what I am), there is many an actor that I’d like to include in this category, but as it is the first time I address the ABCs in a post, I will narrow it down to my three favourite members:

  • Tom Hiddleston: 

Loki himself. We last saw him in Crimson Peak and we’ll be seeing him soon in Kong: Skull Island and a bit further on in Thor: Ragnarok, playing the mischievous Loki once again. And don’t you think he’d be great in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman?


  • Benedict Cumberbatch:

Ah, dear Sherlock. Mr Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch will soon be seen in roles such as Thomas Edison, in The Current War and the title figure of the much awaited Dr. Strange.

  • Matt Smith:

After stepping down as the Doctor in 2014, Matt launched himself into his cinematographic carreer by appearing in Terminator Genesis. Since then, he has also been cast in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, as well as Mapplethorpe and Patient Zero (not to be confused with Prisoner Zero, although the title is amusingly similar to the name of the first villain Matt’s doctor ever faced).

And finally, I felt like a couple more people (or cheekbones, rather) deserved a honourable mention:

  • Colin Firth:
  • Dan Howell: He’s not strictly an actor, I know, but I’m kind of going through a phase with him and Phil and yeah. Plus, he gets extra points for dimples. Yay youtube!