Writing the Future

Hi everyone,

It’s short story time again! I know I’ve been AWOL for a while,and that this is really short, but I promise it’ll get better.



The road she was on kept getting smaller and smaller. She wove left and right with it as she made her way to the top of the hill, narrowly avoiding the bushes that invaded the thin, earthen way. Higher and higher she went, until the trees that lined the side of the road receded, giving way to her first glimpse of the starry night sky. She lowered the intensity of her headlights and reduced the speed at which she was travelling. Soon, she had arrived at the end of the road.

She parked the car and just sat there for a couple of minutes, listening to the deafening silence that remained once she’d turned off the engine. When her eyes had gotten used to the lack of light, she got out of the car and walked through the tall grass, which tickled her bare legs, towards the railing and the lone bench that stood at the edge of the mountaintop viewpoint. She leaned on the railing and, as the wind whipped her hair and the hem of her dress around, she thought.

The whole city was spread out beneath her. The outline was barely visible against the night sky, but thousands of lights twinkled, as the cars raced along roads of all sizes. The cars reminded her of what she was doing up there all alone. She’d been faced with a decision that had made her run, run to a place where it seemed as though time never passed, as if the world was infinite. It was not a permanent solution, of course, but there, looking at the thousands of lives going on below, she finally admitted to herself that she was afraid of the future.

So, I’m writing the future,

Just think of the future,
And think of your dreams.
You’ll get away from here,
You’ll get away eventually.

So, just think of the future,
Think of a new life.
And don’t get lost in the memories,
Keep your eyes on a new prize.

Future – Paramore


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