BBC Cast Concurrences

It stands to reason that two of the most watched shows on the BBC share a few characteristics, especially since Stephen Moffat has been taking care of both, but these details often escape the eye of even th keenest viewer. So today, I bring you, as a starter, ten cast members who have been on both Sherlock and Doctor Who, in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Peter Davison

In the Sherlock episode ‘The Great Game’, there Peter Davisonis a scene in the astronomy centre where, while Professor Cairns is being murdered,  there is a documentary playing in the background, and the voice of the narrator belongs to Davison himself. So there you have it: the Doctor has actually been on Sherlock, although maybe not in the way we were expecting!

2. Chipo Chung

Ms. Chung has not only appeared on both shows, chipo-chungbut has also appeared twice on Doctor Who: as Chantho, the assistant to Proffesor Yana, in 2007 episode ‘Utopia’; and as the fortune teller who tricks Donna into changing her past so that she never meets the Doctor, about a year later. In Sherlock, she has a smaller part: she appears as the presenter of a documentary seen in the army base on ‘Hounds of Baskerville’.

3. Debbie Chazen

Chazen appeared in one of the most viewed tumblr_n7uqdxvmgh1ttko1so3_500Doctor Who episode ever, ‘Voyage of the Damned’, as Foon Van Hoff. She didn’t have a very happy ending there, but we saw her reappear several years later on Sherlock as Vicky, one of the women in Sherlock’s mind palace courtroom during the wedding episode.

4. Andrew Havill

Like Chazen, Andrew Havill can also be seen on ‘Voyage SONY DSCof the Damned’ as the Chief Steward, who attempts to assure passengers nothing is wrong only to be pulled out into space through the ship’s damaged hull. In ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’, he plays the representative of the Royal Family and acquaintance of Mycroft’s who brings Sherlock and John to Buckingham Palace, were they are told about Irene Adler and her photografic leverage.

5. Lindsay Duncan

Sherlock lovers will know Duncan as Lady Smallwood, lindsayduncan372the woman who was blackmailed (and licked) by the creepy Charles Magnussen. She had a much bigger role on Doctor Who, complete with her name in the opening credits, as captain Adelaide Brooke in ‘Waters of Mars’. This one-off companion is known for taking responsibility of Tennant’s meddling with time by committing suicide to avoid altering the timeline.

6. Ian Hallard

Mark Gatiss’ significant other couldn’t not be tumblr_inline_mfebzazcqt1rqo3atpresent in this list. He has appeared in Sherlock as the lawyer to Sherlock’s archnemesis, who has nothing to defend Moriarty with. More recently, in 2014, he appeared in Doctor Who as Alan-a-Dale, Robin Hood’s lute playing mate, in an episode that was, of course, written by Gatiss.

7. Phil Davis

Davis has appeared opposite not one, but two doctors,298164_1 as Pompeiian prophet Lucius Petrus Dextrus, who is in league with the aliens who wish, of course, to take over the Earth. After facing off against both Tennant and Capaldi, Phil Davis appeared in Sherlock’s opening episode ‘A Study in Pink’  as the serial killer cabbie, one of the show’s best villains (behind Moriarty, of course!).

8. Russell Tovey

Tovey is well-loved by whovians everywhere, becauserussell_tovey_290x200 he memorably allowed the Doctor to finally say “Allons-y, Alonso!” in ‘Voyage of the Damned’. He later reappeared in Tennant’s final episode, where the Doctor set him up with Captain Jack. Tovey later appeared on Sherlock as Henry Knight, the tormented man in ‘Hounds of Baskerville’ who believes his father was killed by a giant dog.

9. Rupert Graves

Sherlock’s friend Inspector Lestrade did indeed tumblr_ma1zfpujzk1qftvq7appear on Doctor Who back in 2012, as the big game hunter Riddell who the Doctor takes on a journey to a spaceship full of dinosaurs in the accurately named episode ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’.


10. Mark Gatiss

Gatiss holds the honor of being the only person on mark_gatiss_on_writing_the_hounds_of_baskervillethis list to appear in and write for both shows. He was the first writer to script an episode for modern Doctor Who after Russell T Davies and he later co-created Sherlock with Steven Moffat. In 2007, he played Professor Lazarus, a mad scientist who turns himself into a monster when trying to become young again. He has made a few more (smaller) appearances in the show as pilot Danny Boy and  Gantok, a nasty alien who plays a deadly game of chess against the Doctor. And of course, he plays Mycroft, Sherlock’s brother and eternal rival in all sorts of competitions.

I hope this longer post makes up for the recent lack of updates. I might start to do short, daily posts again instead of these longer ones at the end of April/beginning of May, because my finals are coming up and there’s studying to be done. I’ll probably theme them around either Summer, London or both.

See you then,




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