Beautiful Ways to be Broken

   Break, burst, splinter, fragment, 

divide, sever, shatter, disintegrate,

crack, crash, fracture, separate,

smash, snap, tear, split.

   So many ways to say that something’s in pieces, most with negative connotations, and yet, something broken can be just as beautiful as something whole, especially if the cause was worth breaking for.

Nothing is more positive than breaking a record. Who doesn’t like to excel? But in order to do so, one must break free, liberate him or herself from a literal or figurative restraint, from something that was holding them back but will do so no longer. This is no easy feat to accomplish alone, which is why breaking bread, which means sharing something and symbolizes peace and cooperation, is so important. At the very least, you hope that someone will wish you to break a leg, or wish you good luck, hoping that in the future you’ll have a smash hit. Those who take on such enterprises are individuals who break the mold, those who are unique and should be praised for their originality.

The break of dawn symbolizes the beginning of a new day, and with it, the arrival of new hopes, dreams and expectations. You might not take this into account if you’re having one of those days, but a friend might be able to get you to crack a smile, and once the first step has been taken, you’ll both be cracking up together in no time. And if you are in a good mood, this is the kind of day that is accompanied by earth-shattering revelations and realizations. For example, how many love stories have stemmed from two people crashing into each other?

When someone is bursting with excitement or  with joy, it’s because they are feeling something strong, almost drastic, but also something they know doesn’t come along that often and could go away any moment. The same goes for bursting into tears or into laughter: one bursts only into feelings worth shattering to pieces for.



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