What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

It’s a hard question to answer, as hard as it is to be truly happy with what you see. However, there are things that can turn a tired, disheveled reflection into a radiant one.

Recently, this blog has become my project of the summer. This isn’t my first stab at blogging, but it is by far my longest lasting and most popular blog. I’ve been working hard on it since November, so you can imagine how happy I was when things finally started to take off! This is the most followers I’ve ever had on a blog. 70 might not seem like that many to some, but to me it’s proof that my limits are much further away than where I thought they were.

I’ve also recently been nominated to a series of awards that I’ve greatly enjoyed doing (thanks again to all those who nominated me!), and which really made me feel like someone was there, reading what I had to say and appreciating it, which made me even more eager to get writing and make something wonderful out of this blog.

But what really broke the mold for me happened just yesterday. The 27th of June, 2016.  A few months ago, someone took an interest in my blog and followed me. I followed them back only to find out that they were a radio host and wanted people to send them guest posts. I naturally jumped at the opportunity and sent a couple (both of which got reblogged!). I was ecstatic, but that was as far as the story went – or so I thought. A few days later, I received a message which said that next Monday, the 27th, my post Beautiful Ways to be Broken was going to be READ ON THE RADIO! I didn’t really know how to feel. I wasn’t sure if I should grin, yell it out the window so everyone would hear, or keep it to myself, like a soft glow that would keep me warm inside. So there was a nameless feeling, that was small but steady, and had come to stay.

We now come to the actual 27th of June. I settled down with my laptop and looked up the radio broadcast. On https://davidsnape.me/2016/06/27/david-snape-show-27-6-16-listen-right-now/,  at the one hour mark, it began. I listened, anxious at first and then grinning like an idiot as the radio host read my post out. It’s an amazing feeling, to have someone deem what you’ve created worthy of being shown to the world.  And then, there was the moment where he called my writing POWERFUL. That is when I knew what that nameless feeling was. I was PROUD. proud of myself for what I had achieved (granted, with the help of a certain Mr. David Snape).

This was one of those moments when I could look into the mirror and be happy with who I was. I reflected not only on these recent events, but also on many other things: my family, friends and partner; my year abroad in London starting this September, my studies, my abilities, my life. And so I was proud, I was happy, and I liked what I saw in the mirror.

Whenever you look into a mirror and aren’t fully satisfied by what you see, It’s because you aren’t looking deep enough. Beautiful is not a short skirt, a size 2 pair of skinny jeans, or a fresh face of ­makeup—­it is who you are. Accomplished doesn’t mean that you helped save the world – making someone’s day better by smiling at them is an accomplishment in itself. And perfect isn’t always good. It’s flaws, and the stories behind them, that make us interesting and make getting to know us worthwhile. So remember, next time you look in a mirror and aren’t satisfied with what you see, don’t let it weigh you down – your big break, the life-changing event you desperately seek, might be just around the corner.

– B


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