Guest Post – British Stereotypes

Hey guys! Remember that celebratory post for 100 followers I was telling you about? Well here it is! My first collab 🙂 The lovely Elm agreed to do this with me (Thank youuuu <3) so, without further ado, here she is!

Hi everyone! My name’s Elm, and I blog at Just Call me Elm or Something.

I’m collaborating with the amazing Blanca, which has made me unbelievably happy! I’d first of all like to thank her for allowing me to post on her brilliant blog.

As you can guess from the title, I come from the rainy ye olde England. Abroad, people have many stereotypes about our country – some true, some only half-true and some so blatantly false that it’s hilarious when I come across them. Let’s start off this list!

1. We all idolise the Queen
Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning Monarch in Britain, aged 90, is someone that many people think of when Britain comes into their mind. Contrary to what some people may believe, many people in Britain don’t actually hold the Queen in high regard. She is someone to be respected, but doesn’t really have much power except to be a figurehead. There are so many people who love the Royal Family, and some who don’t; it depends on who you’re talking to, but it’s a very wrong assumption to think that we all worship our Queen. Also, we don’t sing the National Anthem (unlike in America) often, and many people think it’s boring and unrepresentitive of Britain.

2. The food is bland and boring
It may be true that we don’t have delicacies such as those found in Spain, China, or really anywhere else, but it isn’t just fish and chips over here. You have Black Pudding, Toad in the Hole, and before Turkey was introduced to be popularly eaten at Christmas, the usual meat was goose (I still haven’t tried it, though I want to). We may not have many spices on our foods, but there is far more to the cuisine than dull, flavourless dishes – even if most things commonly eaten are imported from other countries.

3. We only talk about the weather
Perhaps for some people this is true, as in a conversation the weather will crop up at least once, but for the most part we are more interesting than some people think. It rains in Britain on most days, and the weather fluctuates on so many occasions that it’s common to hear “Well, I walked outside a minute ago and the sun was shining, but look at the sky now!” However, British people aren’t a walking weather channel.

4. British people always sound posh/the same
Whenever I find out that people can’t tell the differences between accents, I wonder why. Perhaps it’s just because I come from Britain – I couldn’t really tell the difference between the accents from the north of France and the south, for instance – but there is a high variety of accents. Each country in the UK – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales – have their own unique accent, and within each of them are a huge variety of others. The poshness is called received pronunciation, or RP for short, and not many people actually sound like that. The common misconception is that people have the “generic” British accent (which I have). On the other hand, there are numerous others: ones from Cornwall and Devon, the Yorkshire accent, Southern and Northern Welsh accents (which ARE different) to name a few!

5. All British people are polite
I think that this must come from the idea that we all queue up for things – the bus, the train, going into a post office. To my surprise, apparently people in other countries don’t line up or queue, yet here it’s just normal. Nonetheless, the amount of queue jumping, or pushing past people, is quite high. As with every single culture, there will be people who are so rude and yell “Oi, get out my way!” or will just give you dirty looks. Over here, people won’t always give up their seats on the bus for someone who needs it, or stand aside to allow more people to walk down a busy corridor.

I really hope you enjoyed my exploration of stereotypes. If you can think of any more that you’d like me to explain, just let me know; I know there can be some confusion over different cultures, and I’m happy to help.

Once again, thank you to Blanca for being so kind and collaborating with me. On my blog, she has written a post on Spanish stereotypes, which really helped me to learn more about her culture.

From Elm 🙂


3 thoughts on “Guest Post – British Stereotypes

  1. Hey I love this post!! Yeah every country has it’s stereotypes, I remember Elm/you (idk who this comment is going to be directed to) posted a guest post talking about Spanish stereotypes and most of them aren’t true!!! XD XD

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