Snail Mail #1

It’s past midnight here but I decided to share this short post before I went to sleep. As I said a few posts ago, I’ve recently gotten into penpaling. After exchanging a few emails, my newest penpal and I finally gave each other our addresses and started exchanging snail mail. I’ve always loved those posts where people showed off their themed, decorated envelopes, so I decided to do one myself. Here we go!

This is the letter I received:


It had a beautiful Tardis on the fromt and an adorable dinosaur sticker on the back, as well as three pretty cool planet stamps. I loved the calligraphy on the address as well.

As for the inside, the letter came on card, with cute little jewels. I absolutely adore her handwriting AND the cute little jackalope she drew at the end.

So as soon as I saw how cute her letter was, I started brainstorming for my own answering letter and this is what I came up with:


It’s a Lunar Chronicles-themed envelope, with electric circuits done with a silver pen and little drawings that represent the four installments of the series. The first letter of her nam and surname try to imitate the font on the Lunar chonicles books.  I then wrote the letter with a purple 0.4 stabilo, using gold for highlights and a couple of doodles, and ended with an attempt of drawing young Mike Wazowski from Monsters University. Also, for some reason, cool stamps aren’t really a think here in Spain, so I just stuck on a regular stamp and sent it on its way!

And thats about it! Got any ideas on how I should decorate my next envelope? Sam told me that she just got my letter today, so I’ll hopefully get an answer back soon!


13 thoughts on “Snail Mail #1

  1. Such a neat idea! I love receiving snail mail! I think in a world filled with technology and social media, and the convenience of instantly chatting with someone, we tend to forget how special a hand written message can be! I just love everything about this!!

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