A Geek’s Guide to London

Welcome fellow geeks!

As you might know if you read me, the time at which I move to London aproaches. I’ve got the academic side mostly sorted out, so now it’s time to start writing down places I want to go see. And what better place to do that than here, where all of you can benefit from my list?

However, be warned, this isn’t your typical list. It doesn’t hold the main touristy places to vsit, but rather geeky haunts that, if you’re anything like me, you won’t want to miss! Without further ado, here are my 10 must-visit geeky spots around London. Allons-y!

  • 221b Baker Street: I’m going to cheat a little and include both the actual 221 Baker Street (where there’s a Sherlock Holmes Museum) and 187 North Gower Street, where BBC’s Sherlock was filmed (next to which is a sandwich shop with Sherlock-themed rolls).221b_baker_street_london_-_sherlock_holmes_museum
  • The Globe: Not only is it a must-see for literature and theatre lovers, it also has definite ties with Sherlock and is the place where the Doctor’s showdown against the carrionites took place. Expelliarmus!10116813
  • London Tower: This attraction falls nicely into both the traditional and geeky categories of places to visit in London. If you walk down to the waterfront, you can take some nice pictures of UNIT’s new secret headquarters as seen in Doctor Who, or go see the place where Moriarty decided to let his drama queen show and try on the crown jewels. You can also find the spot on the waterfront where Amy and the Doctor had their touching conversation about the end of Amy’s time on the TARDIS. tower_of_london_viewed_from_the_river_thames
  • Blackfriar’s Bridge: The end of Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Princess is one of the few things I’ve read that has actually made me cry. [SPOILER ALERT – Skip to next geeky spot if you haven’t finished the book] I’m dying to go stand in the place where Jem would meet Tessa every year, so I can imagine how the view would change every time they met.tumblr_inline_n2eyqzd5tx1roiyfy
  • The TARDIS: Outside Earl’s Court Tube Station stands one of the last blue telephone boxes you’ll see around. Not only is it an awesome place to snap a few pictures, but if you look it up on google maps and click the X that’s next to it, you will have access to a virtual tour of the TARDIS’ inside! article-2394412-1b4f0894000005dc-821_634x503
  • Platform 9 3/4: It doesn’t look much like the films and it’s actually positioned between platform 8 and 9 of King’s Cross Station, but it’s a must for Harry Potter fans. If you’re willing to brave the queue, you can have your photo taken pushing your trolley through the barrier. There’s also a Harry Potter shop right next to it.harry-potter-platform-9-3-4-kings-cross

Places to Eat

  • Mad Hatter Pub: A short walk from the Southwark tube stop lies this little treasure, with John Tenniel illustrations all over the ceiling and, from what I hear, delicious cheesy chips!925545f75e83442e971fe9b322d2ce95
  • Draughts: This board game cafe and bar in east London offers every kind of game, from Hungry Hippos to Cards Against Humanity; from Backgammon to Game of Thrones. Grab a game, a drink and a playing partner and get to it!cfps8rbw0aaeg56


  •  Forbidden Planet: Forbidden Planet isn’t technically a sight-seeing destination… it’s a geek megastore. This place is filled with merchandise of every fandom you can think of. Clothes, figurines, board games… and the basement is stuffed with comics and books to boot. There’s also events like meet-ups and book signings, so check out the calendar on their web  page if you’re planning to visit! forbid
  • The Who Shop: Yep, there is a Doctor Who Shop and Museum in east London. The Who Shop sells Doctor Who merchandise and the museum has props and costumes.You can only reach the museum from inside The Who Shop but good luck spotting an entrance door or a museum sign to show you where it is as there are no clues. Go to the cash till and ask to buy a museum ticket and all will be revealed. You will given a key and led over to a TARDIS and bam, not only is it bigger on the inside, but there’s the museum! the-who-shop

And that’s the end of my list! Do you know any other geeky locations I should visit? Which one of these is your favourite? Help me decide what order I should visit them in!

Happy geeking,


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139 thoughts on “A Geek’s Guide to London

  1. Love this! I used to live in Earls Court and seeing the TARDIS as I walked out of the station always managed to put a smile on my face. I had know idea there was a Who Shop though, I will definitely be going there! And Draughts looks like fun 🙂 If you’re a big Harry Potter fan I’d recommend doing the Warner Brothers studio tour, as well as checking out the colleges in Oxford where many of the scenes were filmed.

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  2. Ahhhhhh I was in London back in July and I so wish I had gone to North Gower Street! If you want another ultimate geeky place, go to Madame Tussaud’s waxwork museum. IT IS THE BEST THING I SAW IN LONDON. It’s not just waxwork statues. It is much more. (And it has a reallllllly cool Sherlock Holmes thing).

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  3. i’ve lived in London for a decade now, and I can clarify that it is 100% cool. The tower of london is a ten minute walk from my house and OH MY GOD forbidden planet is my second home tbh!!!! It’s just as amazing as it looks/sounds! The only thing is that they never have any Bucky Barnes merch which is disappointing af, but if you’re going for Sherlock and Doctor Who then you’re all good! Also, friendly advice, if you like pop vinyls then forbidden planet is your best bet! HMV and other stores sell them but most of the time they’re much cheaper in FP! There’s also a Sherlock Holmes pub which is on Northumberland Street. Idk if you’re familiar with London but if ou go across Hungerford Bridge to the north side, you walk up the big road that goes up to Trafalgar Sq, and it’s on the right, you can’t miss it!

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    1. Hello fellow exclamation mark junkie!!! 😀 Thanks for all the amazing advice, I’ll be sure to let you know if I see anything Bucky-Barnes-related in fp or any of the other shops 😉


  4. There’s a Forbidden Planet-like shop in Covent Garden – I can’t recall the name but it sells board games and stuff too. It’s in the basement, if you’re ever poking around Covent Garden! (I hope it’s still there, it’s been a while since I last went.)

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      1. I live in Western Australia, we have wildlife. Kangaroos and snakes do not like wearing Doctor Who hats. That’s about it for WA. Fortunately for me, my other love is animals, so semi rural WA is great except for the lack of wizards and time lords, then again Perth has some magic in the name so maybe I just need to look harder. I wonder if I could put magic hats on lizards? 🙂

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  5. I haven’t been to London in ages! I would love to go to 221b Baker Street! I saw the pic at the top of the post, saw Sherlock and the Tardis and clicked without looking back haha! I’m such a fangirl, sorry. Love this post!

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  6. Yay, you’re moving to London!! (you know I already knew it but I’m just so happy for you) XD you probably know this too: I once went to London but I haven’t visited any of those places, I’ll be sure to visit them next time I go!! I love this post!!! XD XD

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          1. Umm… There’s a rush hour in the morning and in the evening so you have to do your shopping or other things in between those times to avoid traffic because london traffic can be horrible.

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              1. British food and Weather absolutely suck. So prepare for the worst. And also on the underground, be prepared to be squashed in a train so if you’re claustrophobic then you’re fucked

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