Braccas meas vescimini! – Percy Jackson DIY

Hey everyone!

I’ve been wanting to do some more creative stuff before I leave for the UK, hopefully projects I can take with me as well, so a few days ago I took a trip to the nearest arts & crafts stores and bought everything I needed to make this!:

(Shout-out to my grandma’s hand-made table cloth in the corner)

It’s a Percy Jackson-inspired wooden bead necklace and I just love how it came out! I’d love to have everything from the featured image of this post to go with it but it sadly isn’t mine. My sister does have a camp half-blood t-shirt though, and I do have most of the books…

Any Percy fans will have recognized the title of this post from the time Percy decided to intimidate his foes by yelling at the to ‘Eat my pants!‘ in Latin while charging at them. Such violence won’t be necessary here though, because this DIY is a simple one. This is what you need:

IMG_20160829_19224121. Colours

2. Sand paper or a nail file (because the wooden beads I bought had varnish that I had to remove in order to be able to colour). If you have colours that work on varnish, all the better.

3. Wooden beads + extra beads for decoration if you want.

4. Some kind of cord. I bought this leather-like one for 0.8 euros.

5. Silver and gold pens. Mine are Signo broad uni-ball pens  (pigment ink).

6. It’s not in the picture, but transparent nail varnish gives the beads a much nicer finish and makes the necklace last longer.

So you just have to kind of scrape the glossy outer layer off of the bead in order to be able to draw on it. I found that sand paper was quicker but a nail file was easier on the wrist.


I also used small scissors to even out the edges of the holes in the beads – and also make them a bit larger, because the string I bought was just a bit too thick.

Then, I looked up the necklace on google images, copied some bead designs that I liked from there and reimagined others in my own way. After a while I managed to draw a trident on a blue background, Thalia’s tree with that golden fleece draped over one of its lower branches, a greek-looking pattern to represent the labyrinth on red and an Empire State building with names in greek on it. Then I gave them a coat of transparent nail polish and voilà! They were done and I was quite happy with how they turned out. Here’s me modelling the necklace in my awesome expecto patronum shirt from primark:

In the first picture I measured it so it would look kind of like a choker, which I think looks pretty nice with the origami crane necklace I had on that day as well. In the right-hand picture I left it a little longer, which is how I would wear it with a camp half-blood t-shirt.

So what do you guys think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Anything you’d add to it to make it look better?

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Happy crafting,




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