Life Updates + Bat-projects

Hey everyone!

I’m leaving in two weeks! It’s crazy, isn’t it? I’ve got so much to do before I leave and yet I’ve been procrastinating like crazy since I got back from Berlin. The only news I actually have is that I signed up for my classes!

I have three year-round courses:

  • International Relations in the Middle East
  • States, people and power in Asia and Africa
  • Comparative politics

And then two semester-length ones:

  • Politics, economy, society: Japan (Term 1)
  • International migration (Term 2)

Aside from that I’ve just been making posters as gifts for people. The first of my favourites was inspired by@fromfranwithlove on instagram, where I’ve been spending a ton of time lately (follow me at @blancamsan if you want, and be sure to tell me you’re coming from here if you do!) :


Someone then suggested that I do a dark knight inspired one as opposed to this more original batman-like one:


In the end I ended up liking this one better than the original one!

I also did one for my sister, which is less bat- and more diet-related:


I’m trying to finish up all the physical books I want to read before leaving, so I can just take my ebook, because I can only take 20 kg with me and my books won’t fit in the suitcase *sobs*, but I keep getting new ebooks and I just want to start reading those!

Paperwork has also been taking my time – I gotta go get some tomorrow so I can put in a petition for a scholarship (thankfully my grades are high enough to do so, because college is e-xpensive!).

And, well, that’s about it. That’s my life right now: rambly and unproductive – whoops?

I promise I’ll be back soon!




10 thoughts on “Life Updates + Bat-projects

    1. Glad you like them 🙂 I just started imitating types of lettering that I liked until I could do them more or less myself, but I’ve only mastered a few so far, I’ve still got a long way to go! Care to share any tips?


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