The Results are In!

Okay guys, It’s time! All of you who participated in the What Type of Traveller are You? Quiz, here are your results!

Laura Beth is a Beach Bum! You like the sun and you’re not ashamed to admit it. Add sea and sand to the equation and you’re as hapy as can be. You’re most likely to be found drinking from a fresh coconut on a Fijian beach.


P.J., HestiadelOlimpo, Classy Coco and Bella are Culture Vultures!  You don’t just want to visit a country – you want to experience it. And you want to experience everything. You like to fully immerse yourself and learn the local lingo. You’re most likely to be found exploring the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia and trying your hand at Khmer cooking in the evening.

Writefury , Cahlmingsoul and Autistsix are Wild Things! You don’t care for the tourist trail. You are keen to explore everything a country has to offer. You don’t want a holiday – you want an adventure. You’re most likely to be found traversing the Amazon, piranha fishing for your evening meal.


And Hallsofivy, Argoboatii and My crazy world of books are All-around vacationers! Whether it’s exploring, trying new things, re-trying old experiences or just taking a moment to relax on a beach, you love experiencing as many different places as possible, both getting to know them and getting to meet others with the same intent. You could be found anywhere!

So how did I do? Do you agree with the category you were put in? Or would you rather be in a different one?

Thanks to everyone who participated – feel free to check out all their wonderful blogs, I’ve left links above 🙂 – and also to the almost 100 voyagers who joined this journey since the quiz was announced – yes, we are nearly at 300!

Thank you guys so much for making this possible,



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