Musings over a Half-Packed Suitcase

It’s Saturday the 24th of September.

Today is the day I pack.

And tomorrow is the day I get on a plane and head to another country, where I’ll try to survive until Christmas.

Am I excited? Of course.

Am I scared? It’s inevitable.

Am I sad? Well…

Leaving somewhere means saying goodbye – to things, to place, to people. And I am excited to meet those waiting there for me, to face all the new experiences that are sure to come my way, but before I get there I have to leave a sizeable part of myself here. My friends, my family, my past in general. I know I’ll come back to them, sooner than I expect as well, but until then, I must keep moving forward, towards the point where our paths cross again.

Something that comforts me is that the people I leave behind have each other. I tend to worry about the people who are not near me, but I know I’m leaving them with loved ones they can depend on. This is not to say that I think myself very important in their lives, or that I’ll be leaving a huge hole in them. I just like knowing that however important I may or may not be to them, those who are important to me are not alone.

To the close family and friends that are reading this – yes, I know you’re there – I’ll be back in the blink of an eye. Take care of yourselves and of each other while I’m gone.  I’ll write and you’ll write back, and we’ll all have things to do. You probably won’t miss me at all – after all, what are phones for?

I feel like I’m being way too dramatic, but ah well. Who doesn’t profit from being a drama queen once in a while?

Keep safe all of you – family, friends, readers – I’ll see you soon.




5 thoughts on “Musings over a Half-Packed Suitcase

  1. So… do you really think I’m not going to miss you? Even if I have another friends, even if i have my solete or whatever or whoever o lo que quieras.
    Para mí, querida, eres demasiado importante (y yo no debería decirte ñoñeces no te vayas a poner sensible/no me vaya a poner sensible y la liemos…). Pero eso, que sí que se va a notar tu ausencia and you left behind a hole of darkness and pizza.

    CONOCE GENTE. HAZ AMIWOS. VE COSAS. CUÉNTAMELAS Y DAME ENVIDIA. Disfruta, porque este va a ser uno de los mejores años y más especiales de tu vida.


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    1. ‘Course you’ll miss me! And I’ll miss you. But you ARE coming to visit (I will not take a no for an answer), so I don’t have to make you jealous – you’ll se everything when you come over here 😉

      Love you

      PS: you don’t need me to pig out on pizza!


  2. Have the best time ever! Met new people. Eat new things. Enjoy everything you learn. Open your eyes to everything, there is so much to see. You got this! Don’t miss us, we know you need this.

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