A Geek’s Guide to Victoria, Canada

Hi all! This post was kindly written by the lovely T @ Tee’s Tiny Blog (which you should definitely go check out!). It’s the third installment in the ‘A Geek’s Guide to…’ series, which you guys seem to like, so here you go! If anyone else would like to share the geeky corners of their hometown, please let me know!

Oh, and merry Christmas/whatever you celebrate and happy new year! See you in 2017 😉


~Welcome to a geek’s guide to Victoria BC, Canada. Writing this post turned out to be a difficult task as there are so many places to geek out in our province’s capital city. Here is a handful of favorite spots in my hometown that are guaranteed to be geek pleasers all year round.

dsc_0029Interactivity Board Game Cafe– Located in downtown Victoria on Yates Street, this wonderful little board game café has 700+ games to offer. For only $5 you can play as many games as you want! Looking for a spot to chill out with your fellow geeks? Well, look no further; this place can host hours and hours of fun!


Royal BC Museum– Our lovely museum is world-renowned for its ever-changing dsc_0021roster of exhibitions and showcases. This well-visited gallery is for all ages and does not disappoint. Displaying natural and human history relics, historical artifacts, intrinsic displays and even IMAX movies, there is never a dull moment when touring around.

Fan Favourites Games & Movies– This store always seems to get great reviews. It’s got a little bit of everything; hats, trinkets, games, movies, figurines and more! From Nintendo to Adventure Time characters, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. You can sell and trade merchandise and they’ll even repair scratched discs for those games and movies that need to be salvaged.

Skyhaven Games– A favorite for the major gamers in town for its personable experience and variety of games. It’s known to be the only place in Victoria to have a constructive competitive gameplay. Apparently, this is the ultimate nerd hang out as it caters to a wide range of genres and creates an intimate gaming environment the local geeks seem to love.


dsc_0034Russell Books- This awesome little nook of a bookstore has a grand collection of old vintage books and magazines piled high to the ceilings. It’s Canada’s largest used and new bookstore located on Fort Street which has recently expanded downstairs to make a collectibles floor. It’s like traveling back in time through wonderfully versed books and magazines.


Curious Comics– A popular comic book and hobby store that is great for kids and adults alike. The store has awesome bright-colored action figures, posters, knick-knacks and more. Comic fanatics flock here on the regular to catch up on the latest comic crazes and if you’re lucky you might even catch some people in costumes depending on what event is happening at the time. There are 2 different locations in downtown Victoria and 1 out in the Langford community on the outskirts of town.


Miniature World– Known as “The Greatest Little Show on Earth” this is A MUST SEE tourist attraction in downtown Victoria. Displays include numerous history and fantasy themes that bring in people from all around the world. The fictional and historical dioramas that are created are absolutely fascinating! I’ll admit I’ve been here a couple of times myself and I always recommend it to my friends and family visiting from out of town.


Craft Beer Tours– For the thirsty Beer Geek! There are tons of West Coast Brewery Tours offered throughout Victoria. Us Victorians are pretty proud of our craft beers and local breweries; that is if you’re a beer drinker. Canoe Brew Pub, Spinnakers Brewing, Phillips, Moon, Hoyne, Lighthouse… well there’s a nice big list and there’s a lot of great tasting beer. I know some pretty hard-hitting beer snobs with unique palates who always seem to know what’s hot (or should I say cold?) in the craft beer world.

Having so many more places to sooth the geek’s soul, I could be writing for weeks on end. With some luck and a lot of spare time, there is much more to experience on a geeks day out. Most of these sites get pretty busy but it’s usually easy to grab a spot among the locals and visitors since us Canadians are very welcoming to new friends.

All geeky comrades welcome! Enjoy  🙂


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