Bullet Journal I: General + April Setup

Hey everyone!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around here much lately. The fact is, since my schedule is much less fixed this year than others, I’ve had a much harder time staying organized. To combat this (and to try to actually blog a bit more often!), I’ve decided to start a bullet journal. I therefore thought it fitting to show you guys my journal in this post, so here we go!


  1. this is not a how to bullet journal post. If you want to learn the basics, check out this youtube channel, where the creator of the bullet journal system explains how it works.
  2. I still need to fill in some pages, and others are missing washi tape because I’m in Spain visiting my family right now and all my washi tape is in London!

Materials: I chose a Leuchturm1917 A5 dotted notebook – best choice ever! The colour is gorgeous, the pages are nice and thick and the dots make all my lines so much straighter! For colour, I used the pack depicted below of six Tombow Dual Brush pens in pastel colours, and my black pen is a black Tombow Fudenosuke that actually came as a gift when I bought the pastel ones on amazon.

The first few pages of the notebook are an index, which I will complete as I go along. After that, I wrote down my key. Then, I drew in my future log with purple accents, starting from this month, and with 3 months per page. The first of them is down below. Next, I dedicated two pages to noting down birthdays, although I have yet to finish filling this in.

After that I have a few collections:


Censured because the people on the list actually read this blog, and I don’t want to spoil their birthday presents for them!


Missing the washi tape that will act as a border around each of the maps.


Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!


I need to finish filling out the TV series tracker with the rest of my series. The idea is to use small pieces of washi tape on which I will write the number of the season and episode I’m on, so I can change it when necessary.


In the Snail mail section I will add the addresses of each of my penpals and the date for the last time I sent each of them a letter.

Next comes the Month of April:

The cover:


The monthly spread: on the left page is the month per se. On the right, the future log, birthdays this month, a blog follower tracker and my habit tracker



Weekly spread nº1: since the first week of April is truncated, I’m going to use the extra page for a study schedule for the second half of Apil, which is when I will start studying for my exams at the end of May. I also decorated the free space I had on the bottom of the right page with some henna designs.


This week’s spread: I decided to keep with the kind-of-Indian theme and added in a doodle of the Taj Mahal and a saying in Hindi. I got it off google, so I hope its correct!


And that’s it! What do you think? Any suggestions? Do any of you have a bullet journal? Or does a different system work better for you? I will probably be doing monthly updates on mine (hopefully with a better camera next time), but I will definitely post some more before then.

Happy journaling,




7 thoughts on “Bullet Journal I: General + April Setup

  1. I see you have Arrival on your to watch list – I highly recommend! Have you seen The Lobster? It’s really good too. 🙂
    Did you draw that dream catcher for the month of April? If so – well done! 😀
    I’ve not kept any journals in years… I make all my lists in Excel now… not very creative but it works! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not watched the Lobster, I’ll write it down, thanks!
      I did draw the dream catcher, It was sort of a celebration of my finally learning to draw feathers – It’s taken me quite a while! I’m happy you liked it though 🙂
      And I did use to use excel, but I kept forgetting to write things down when I got home, and the journal I can take with me – we’ll see how it works!


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